Eight Systems


Of Sequential Desire (Evolution of the Animation Cell)

These are sketches for the Totem Pill, a project for the group exhibition Of Sequential Desire hosted by the W.K.P Kennedy Gallery in North Bay, Ontario.

The exhibit, guest curated by Mark LaLiberte, brings together young and emerging artists who are expanding the notion of cartooning and “sequential art”. The exhibit includes concrete poetry, flash animations, paintings, graphic novels and video.

This show includes works by Dan Kennedy, Gus Morin, Mark Laliberte, Marc Ngui, Chantelle Rousseau, Robbie Adamson, Cameron Armstrong, and Ian Patrick McAllister.

The show also includes a small selection of works from the Art Gallery of Algoma’s collection of vintage cells.

The exhibit runs from 19 July to 20 August 2008.

These drawings were inspired by congruencies between various models of human consciousness, especially Timothy Leary's Eight Circuit Model of Human Consciousness as described by Robert Anton Wilson. See the final Totem Pill animation.

Ink, pencil crayon, paint and jelly rollers on paper.

One: Oral Biosurvival System

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Two: Anal Territorial System

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Three: Time Binding Symbolic System

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Four: Domestic-Socio-Sexual System

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Five: Neurosomatic System

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Six: Neurogenetic System

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Seven: Metaprogramming System

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Eight: Nonlocal Quantum System

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