Dr. Igor Stagljar Lab

The Dr. Igor Stagljar Lab is a biochemistry reasearch lab at the Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biochemical Research, University of Toronto, Ontario. These drawings are from 2005.

The ever smiling Igor is tall. How tall? "Yes, I'm two meters tall."

This offhand remark set off a chain of thought: he's like a superhero... maybe Superman's dad back on Krypton. No, an uncle. And Krypton never blew up! It still exists as a utopian society, with a few nagging problems to be solved. Enter The Scientists.

Enter a client with a sense of humour. A Jack Kirby style was used to invoke the megawat enthusiasm present in the lab, complete with mountains of Krypton/Switzerland on the Lab History page.

The illustrations were drawn with pen and ink, and some coloured digitally, some with watercolour.

The website was designed and produced by RNA Studio.

Stagljar Lab website headerStagljar Lab machine illustration

Dr. Igor Stagljar on the home page. He's so tall, he barely fits!

Stagljar Lab machine illustration

Mountains of Krypton or Switzerland? No matter, the utopian ideals are strong...

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Stagljar Lab machine illustration

The casters on the gurgling machines, well, that's pure U of T...

Stagljar Lab amoebas illustration

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