The Unexpurgated Tale of Lordie Jones

Lordie Jones is a twisted tale about a boy who tried to cheat the Tooth Fairy by painting grains of corn with liquid paper. In revenge the Tooth Fairy puts a living pig fetus in Lordie Jones' bum. Not necessarily a book for children, but fans of Marc's work will appreciate the hatch style drawings and trademark absurdist storytelling style.

Published by Conundrum Press, 2005
6.75" x 6.75", 80 pages, $12.

Book Launch and Storytime Presentation

26 May 2005 at the Lanes Gallery, Hazelton Lanes, Toronto.

The launch was a huge success. The Lanes Gallery was a fantastic venue for lounging around, enjoying some tea and cookies, and the giant "rug couches" were the perfect spot from which to catch the show.

Thank-you to everyone who came out and made the events so awesome, and especially to Bahman, Neil and Dave for all the hard work and generosity!

Press for Lordie Jones Read the review of the launch in Eye Magazine by Brian Davis.

Here's the before scene, the full panorama view of the gallery set up for lounging.

The performace about to start, with everybody happy and relaxing. The plan is working! hahahaha :)

A very surreal, rich, colourful atmosphere was set by the rugs.

Marc Ngui and Andy Brown of Conundrum Press, the publisher for the book.

Molasses cookies with blue sprinkles to go with the four flavours of tea!.

Loungers, loungers, loungers...

Loungers, noticeably Billy Mavreas and Joey Dubuc of Montreal (in the yellow and white shirts).

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