Love, Peace and Unity:
Typical Robot Landscapes

"Love, Peace, and Unity: Typical Robot Landscapes" was one of eight display case size works installed at Harbourfront, Toronto, 30 April to 4 July 2004. a Design Exchange curated installation at Harbourfront, Digifest 2004.

Part of digifest 2004: On the Move.
Curated by Paola Poletto

A project with Magda Wojtyra. Marc did the drawing and Magda did the sewing.

Drawing made in flash forms a vignette to a sewn fabric landscape that incorporates two small light powered robots and three decoys in a colour extravanza teeming with life.

Drawn in flash and printed with pigment inks on glossy paper by an Epson 2200. The fabric is all wool and the stuffing is polyester.

See just the drawing as a large image.

Imagine that the bubble encrusted robot is a nanobot, traveling through a life system, perhaps your own body.

In the drawing these robots are tiny, a mere eighth of an inch wide circles that travel around the landscape in "V" formations, fulfilling their unexplained purpose. In the lower right corner they are being launched out of a mechanical looking tiny spaceship, the nanobot deployment device.

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Behind the drawing the scale is enlarged, so that the robot bubble is now the size of an orange, and the landscape has shifted in scale as well.

The colours and colour combinations are the same as in the drawing - cyan and yellow; red, yellow and fuschia - but the forms are as if a detail view of what is in the drawing.

The yellow tag identifies Marc Ngui as a Diagrammatician and Magda Wojtyra as a Process Curator. The 12 legend words and phrases are seemingly cross referenced to the drawing, but the arrow tags are empty!

The drawing and soft sculpture components teem with unbounded life. Resembling a coral reef, the soft undulating landscape swims with fine detail and vibrant colour, reminding us of the unstoppable nature of life.

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